Speaking of Towing, Here’s Another Funny Story from Kitchener, ON, CA

I got such great feedback on my last post today that I wanted to share another story with you tonight. After all, it’s been so long since I posted so my readers (that’s you!) deserve an extra treat. I remembered this funny story because I was thinking about towing and how my neighbor in Kitchener used to be a tow truck operator when I lived there many years ago. I’ll never forget this man. He was quite the character. Now it’s time for you to hear about him. So get ready to chuckle again!

funny story

My neighbor, since he worked for a small company at the time, is what you would call an on-call, 24/7 roadside assistance driver. He was always on-call and would laze about at home until his phone rang, and then he would head out the door to help people on the roadside with his truck. He always wore overalls and had messy orange hair. I never knew exactly what company he worked for. Remember that because that’s what makes this story so funny.

I had only been living in Kitchener, Ontario for eight months or so. It wasn’t really my kind of place. I much prefer Vancouver, British Columbia, but anyways… One night, when I came home late in a hurry because I really needed to use the bathroom, I raced home from work at the restaurant and it just so happened to be a really rainy day. I think it was Fall if I remember right, so the roads were all covered in wet leaves, making hydroplaning and swerving too easy. You might know where this is going…

I came home, speeding more than I usually do for the above-mentioned reason, and drove my car right into the ditch in front of my property. In the moment, I need to use the toilet so bad I barely thought anything of it and ran inside to do my business. When I came back out I realized just how bad I had crashed, knowing there was no way I could get the car back out of the ditch on my own. In other words I really needed a to hire the fastest towing Kitchener possessed because I needed to be at a meeting in the next hour!

At the time, probably because I was in so frantic of a hurry and panicking, I completely forgot my neighbor was a tow truck driver. Now that I think of it I could probably see his tow truck in the corner of my eye as I pulled out my phone and used Yelp to find the first towing company that had the word “fast” in their description and called them. They said a tow truck would be at my place in the next twenty minutes, and I was very pleased. Next thing I knew I was walking to my door when I heard a man’s voice calling my name. I looked over and my neighbor was walking onto my lawn saying, “So, apparently I’ve been dispatched to here.”

As you’d expect, we both started laughing and slapping our knees, and once again to make a long story short I arrived at my meeting two minutes early. I remember that vividly because I was so worried I’d be late and it was an important meeting. So I guess the moral of the story is to not drive when you really, really need to use the washroom. I hope you got a few more chuckles from this story and hope you have a great night!

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