Showing Up to Fancy Dinner in a Limo that’s Being Towed!

This is more of a funny story I want to share than anything else. As a restaurant owner you’ll get to see some hilarious things over the years. One thing I not only saw but experienced was arriving at one of Ontario’s finest dining centers in a limousine that was being towed by a local towing company. It was a hilarious sight, because me and my friends were all dressed up and we were treated with full services as we stepped out of the slantwise limousine. The tow truck driver tipped his hat and drove off, towing the limousine along with him. The look on the people’s faces outside the restaurant was hilarious and something I’ll never forget.

limo ontario

Now, how did we get in this situation? That story is even funner…

My friends and I hired a limousine, but the driver was pregnant. She was a really nice girl in her late twenties and we were all concerned for her because it looked as though she was about to give birth at any moment. To make a long story short she dropped her water halfway to our destination, and we just happened to be a few blocks away from a hospital so we helped her there where she successfully gave birth that night. But now we were stranded, drunk outside a hospital with a limousine and no driver. We were way too drunk to drive ourselves so we called the limousine company and they apologized, saying they’d call a towing company and our experience in the limousine would be free of charge. We offered to pay anyways and ended up agreeing on a 30% discount because we felt bad for the pregnant girl who probably risked her job driving at such a late stage of pregnancy.

Anyways, when the tow truck driver showed up we told him how we were stranded, all five of us, and he said sorry but there was no way he could give us a ride to our destination because we couldn’t fit in his tow truck. But, he was kind enough to let us get inside the limousine after it was boosted, and he finished our route to the restaurant where we enjoyed grilled steaks. I still don’t know if what that kind tow truck driver did was legal, but we do know it was very nice. A part if me felt he had been in a similar situation before, because he was actually eager to help us and felt sympathy.

So, that’s my funny story. I hope you got a chuckle or two from it. I wanted to share it here because next time someone asks me tell this story again I can just refer them here. Anyways, thanks for visiting and expect more content soon!

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