Putting the Towing & Comedy Themes Aside: Back to Food!

Greetings! I’m so glad you’re back. The other day I shocked a lot of readers with my funny stories about towing but these people weren’t shocked by the stories but by the fact that I don’t usually blog about those topics. So have no worries! That won’t be a regular thing. For my restaurant owners from Kitchener to Vancouver and back again, I owe you quality content. And so today we’re going to kick things off right with a list of 5 things you should never do when looking to hire new employees for your start-up restaurant!

Five Things NOT to do when Hiring for Your Start Up Restaurant!

  1. Don’t hire a cook with no cooking experience like an appliance repair mechanic or a tow truck driver, because training them may not pay off like you expected and they’re already used to being paid more so they won’t take work seriously.
  2. Always say no to people asking for a raise in the first few months of working for you. This is to create a sense of authority and principle. They’re here to work for you. If they want a higher wage then they an go start their own restaurant, until they gain your trust.
  3. Don’t hire immature teenagers. This is a universal law of wisdom that needs no explanation. Teenagers are fine, but mature ones!
  4. Don’t judge a highly qualified candidate by their tattoos! This is 2019 and no one’s going to boycott your business because someone has a tattoo! If they’re highly qualified and ready to work, you should learn to put up with some appearance issues.
  5. Don’t hire old people who have a bad track list of hopping from job to job. I personally made this mistake more than I’d like to admit. If a man in their late fifties says he worked at 20 different restaurants and looks like he has a drinking problem, then that says everything right there. I’d rather train a teenager!

There we go. This was a list requested by a Taco Shop owner in Vancouver, BC, CA. I hope this helped you. Starting up a new restaurant anywhere in the world can be fun, well, except for a war-torn country, of course… Good luck out there!

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