Future Plans for Medieval Themed Restaurant in Ottawa, ON

With all this time in isolation during the COVID-19 lock-down, I’ve been able to do a lot of thinking. I’ve also been able to watch a lot of movies, and after watching Braveheart 3 times (my favorite movie) I decided to make plans for a medieval themed restaurant. Today I want to share those plans for you.

My brother owns a small chunk of land in Ottawa and he asked me if he has any ideas of what to do with it because it’s nothing but a wide grassy field near some secluded farms. I’ll keep the exact location a secret for now, as well as the date we plan to begin the construction, but I will tell you what we plan to build there.

Of course, after my brother asked me what we should build I said “a restaurant.” He then reminded me of how the the land was too far from the city to make a restaurant successful there and then I said “not if you make it medieval themed.” After all, it’s more realistic if you have the medieval themed restaurant further away from the modern city. People will feel like they’re traveling back in time when they come driving down the old dirt road to get to it. It may be several years before the restaurant is actually built, but I’m so excited that it feels like it’ll be tomorrow.

medieval stone masonry

I’ve already drawn up some design plans. My greatest idea so far is in how I’m going to make the stonework look like a medieval castle. My plan is to hire stone masonry Ottawa services to build custom stonework that will look medieval for the restaurant’s theme. I already talked to the local stone mason and he’s excited to begin this project when we’re ready.

Another one of my ideas is to change the menu regularly to fall in line with the feast days of the Christian saints so that it’ll be more historically accurate. This means every time someone comes to eat, the menu will be different and so will the decorations as we venerate a different canonical saint. This and several other things are how I plan to give an authentic medieval experience.

To hire servers I will be making one of the qualification needed a degree in medieval studies. I want my servers to dress and behave like medieval scullery wenches, adding yet more authenticity to the experience. Also, my chefs and cooks will be experts in medieval cookery. My designers will be medievalists and when it all comes together, it might be the best medieval restaurant in Canada let alone Ottawa, Ontario.

If this idea fascinates you then stay tuned. I’m sharing this idea to the public because my hope is that it’ll inspire other restaurant owners to think of ways to come back successfully after the hit that the COVID-19 lock-down suffered on restaurants around the country. So stay tuned for more tips and inspiration.


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