Best Tip for Maintaining Your Restaurant Appliances

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Keeping all your appliances working optimally means that your food will cook better, chefs will work faster, which in turn means your customers will be happier. Trust me, you don’t want to know what it feels like to have your gas range break down when you have forty customers waiting for steaks. If this does happen to you, the tip I’m about to share now may just save your skin! So let’s begin.

What is the best tip for maintaining all the cooking appliances and machinery in your restaurant kitchen?

As you may know from reading about me on my history page, I used to operate a restaurant in Vancouver BC. This is what gives me the authority to share this vital tip with you. The tip is plain and simple: Build a long term friendly relationship with a local appliance repair mechanic and gain his or her personal phone number. Tip them well at every job and ask them if it’s okay if you can call them on weekends in cases of emergencies. Having someone you can rely on to drop what they’re doing to come and help you and your businesses is extremely helpful. This is yet another strategy I gained from watching my father. My father was even more careful, and had two appliance repair companies ready at his beck and call at all times just in case something went wrong on a busy night.

What is the easiest way to go about doing this?

There are two ways I know of to gain a trusted appliance mechanic to your side:

  1. If you know other restaurant owners or managers, ask them if they can refer an appliance repair technician to you. When this is done, the appliance repairman already has a reason to like you, as you’re friends with one of his good customers. Call the appliance mechanic over for a general maintenance check up and tip him well. Use this time to tell him what your intention is, and make sure you get his or her personal phone number for weekends.
  2. This way might be the easiest. Start cold calling local appliance companies. Prepare to have a long conversation. Try to talk with the company owner if you can and tell them straight up what you need. Doing it this way, you won’t be able to get a personal number per se, but you can become a VIP customer for an entire company, which in some ways is even better. It’s even better than a personal number because this means there is a higher chance that they’ll have someone free to help you when you need it. When you’re dealing with just one appliance repairman, this chance is lower. But make sure the company you’re setting up this relationship with is open on weekends and holidays, because these busy nights are when you’ll most likely need emergency service.

How did I build a relationship with an appliance repairman?

I did what my father did and chose option 2. I cold called four places before I found what I was looking for. The Vancouver appliance service I built a relationship with understood my needs, and had set up similar relationships in the past. Kind of like how a Taxi company builds a relationship with an airport, this appliance company treated me like a VIP. In turn they knew I’d call no one but them. So it’s a mutual set up we both benefited from.

Surely enough several months after taking this precaution I needed their emergency service and, like we promised over the phone, they sent someone over ASAP. It was a busy Friday night and our industrial dishwasher stopped working. The company I chose sent a guy out so fast that my dishwasher was only able to clean three dozen dishes by hand before the industrial dishwasher was working again. This saved our night and the customers didn’t even notice the hiccup. If I hadn’t taken the precaution to set up this relationship, our night could have gone a lot differently.

I hope this tip helps you!

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