A 2021 Full of Good Food

As you’ll guess, part of the reason I love the restaurant life is because I love food even more. Operating grocery stores would be nice because there’s food but a good bar and grill is where you go to get “cooked food”. And cook is the important part because that’s what most food marts lack. When a professional chef who’s dedicated his entire life to cooking good food makes you a dinner that’s a lot different than buying a rotisserie chicken at a corner store on the way home.

If you can’t do what you want at least get good food. There are a dozen banks in any city and if you get credit cards and loans from each one that’ll be enough to eat good food for the rest of your life, just saying. But I don’t think anyone loves good food enough to do that. Video games maybe though.

Think of all your favorite foods and then think of yourself experiencing a year without them. Enjoy them while you can. 2021 is a time to enjoy life and good food because that’s what life is for to me.

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